Biden’s 2024 Strategy Gets Destroyed

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

( – Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway has accused President Biden of having a “no-show presidency,” claiming that this is going to be the biggest problem he is going to have to face. During an “Outnumbered” segment on Tuesday, Conway stated that the majority of Democrats were not in favor of Biden seeking reelection. She proceeded to direct her questions toward Biden, asking why we wanted the Presidency when it did not appear that anyone else wanted him to have that job.

She added that to a degree she wanted to see Biden remain the president because she was terrified of the idea that Vice President Kamala Harris might become the president in his place. As she alleged Biden managed to find only one of three people in the whole U.S. that would not upstage him that could act as his VP.

Conway proceeded to point out that 38 percent of Democratic primary voters were switching to supporting either Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Marianne Williamson, despite the fact that there won’t even be a Democratic primary debate in which they will be able to debate against Biden. This just further exhibits that Biden’s “basement strategy” is not effective.

Conway proceeded to argue that while in 2022 Biden and Harris managed to remain on the sideline and were not actively campaigning for congressional and Senate candidates, that tactic is no longer going to work this year since their names are actually on the ballot. Voters are going to expect to have the chance to see the President and meet him or else his campaigning is not going to be effective.

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