Controversial Republican Defends His Insane Lies

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

( – In a recent interview, Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) said that he did not believe people would find out about the lies in his resume as he had previously “got away with” it during his unsuccessful 2020 campaign for Congress.

Santos had a 40-minute interview with television host Piers Morgan in which he admitted that he did not believe he would get caught. During the interview, Morgan expressed shock that Santos believed that no one would find out about his “blatant lies.”

Santos responded by saying that he said the exact same things during his 2020 campaign in which he was trying to win the exact same seat and he completely “got away with it then.”

Morgan then asked Santos whether he truly thought that no one was going to find out about the fabrications then.

 Santos said that he did not think anyone would actually find out, but that it was “humbling” to have to admit to his mistakes and “faults as a human being.”

In 2020, Santos ran for the House in New York’s 3rd Congressional District but was unsuccessful having lost to then-Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.) by 12-points. However, Suozzi opted to not seek reelection in 2022, which led to Santos winning the seat by eight percentage points.

Since then Santos has had to face a lot of criticism and backlash after it was revealed that he had extensively lied about his background. Apart from his lies, there are also questions being asked about his financial disclosure reports.

 Santos has admitted to the fabrications regarding his academic and employment past. Still, these fabrications are not blocking him from continuing to serve in his seat, which Santos has claimed he is fully intent on doing for his term.

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