Democrat Governor Refuses To Visit Own State After Disaster

Phil Murphy, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has been heavily criticized for not returning to his state on Friday following the earthquake that affected many residents. 

On Saturday during an appearance on “FOX News Live” Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., stated after Murphy chose to not make an on-camera address, that they had not yet heard from the governor following the earthquake. This is despite the fact that the governor has had a number of phone and TV interviews, including a CBS interview on Saturday. 

Van Drew had told “FOX News Live” co-anchor Arthel Neville that there are people who have said that it was possibly good that the governor did not return to New Jersey, as every time he came back he increased the tolls, fees, and taxes while also providing subsidies for illegals. 

He added that on a more serious note he was not attending a world summit pushing for world peace, but rather he was at a Democratic convention most likely looking at their possible options to get more democrats to win the gubernatorial elections. 

Van Drew has argued that following the disaster residents had to turn to New York leadership in order to see how they should handle this natural disaster, instead of having their governor present. He added that if the governor had even come back for half a day then the New Jersey residents that were most affected by this earthquake would not have been forced to turn to New York. 

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