Democrat State On Verge Of Collapse Over Migrants

Photo by Lala Miklós on Unsplash

( – The increase in border crossings has started to affect Southern California communities, especially as migrants have been overwhelming transit hubs and the streets. 

In an interview with Fox News, San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond argued that currently, they could not see any “end in sight.” As he stated this was now the new norm which was why he thought that one day they would get a “rude wake-up call.” 

For most migrants in Southern California, their first day goes a similar way. After entering the state through the gaps in the border fence they will surrender to Border Patrol agents. At times they can do so immediately, but there are also occasions when they have to wait on the side of the fence to be caught. After they get searched and processed at a CBP facility they are then released into the state. 

After their release, the majority of immigrants are usually dropped off at local transit stations according to Desmond. He continued by noting that many of the immigrants are heading to the East Coast which is why many of them choose to leave, but there are also many that don’t know where they go. 

Mayor Bill Wells has stated that the border has always been a “problem” but that there have been efforts by the federal government in the past to keep gang members and cartels out of the country. However, as he told Fox News that is not the case anymore as now the gates are completely open and there are no attempts to keep anyone out.

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