House Blasts Biden for Bad Communication

Photo by Terence Burke on Unsplash

( – House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mike Turner (R-Ohio) called for the Biden administration to arrange for Congress to get a briefing regarding the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon which had infiltrated the U.S. airspace earlier in February, as well as on the unidentified object that was brought down off the coast of Alaska, in North America.

Turner during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” stated that the “particularly annoying” part of this administration is that they are not briefing Congress directly but rather through the “television sets.”

He added that they are choosing to make a lot of announcements, but are never willing to provide that information directly to Congress. He added that this might be because they actually don’t have a lot of information on hand, which is fairly obvious through the press conference, or because the actions they chose to take were not grounded in true understanding.

Turner maintained though that there should be more cooperation between Congress and the administration, despite the fact that the administration is currently hesitant because of all the criticism they received following the Chinese balloon incident.

Earlier this month, President Biden instructed for the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon to be shot down, however, the balloon was allowed to continue floating over the country and even traveled across sensitive sites.

A Pentagon official also revealed that similar aircraft had been spotted three times during the Trump administration. Only days after the Chinese balloon was brought down there were two unidentified objects that had been shot down over Alaska and Canada.

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