Major Red State Changes Voting Laws

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday Georgia Republicans introduced new legislation that would enable them to kick voters off following mass challenges. A copy of the bill was shared with NBC News by an aide for two of the bill’s sponsors.

The changes to the Senate Bill 221 were first introduced on Tuesday night, and they would replace a part of the challenge rules that exist in previous versions of the bill.

A draft of the proposed legislation was also made public after an NBC report showed that 92,000 voter registrations had been challenged within the last year. Amateur fraud hunters were using public records, door-to-door canvassing, and voter rolls to determine whose vote should be ineligible according to their findings. However, most of the challenges were rejected, with many counties having to specifically disclose that mail forwarding is not evidence that the voter has moved and that many people will spend time in different addresses without leaving the state they are residents of. This was backed by both advocates and election administrators.

With the new changes to SB 211, this will change and a postal service’s change of address is going to be considered sufficient evidence to challenge a voter’s rights, unless the voter met specific conditions, like being a student.

It has not yet been clarified what the result of a challenge would be and whether a voter’s registration would get canceled or would require action from county or election administrators. However, voting rights advocates have warned against this bill’s passing.

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