Trump Thanks Governor For Major Election Change

Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, former President Trump praised Gov. Jim Pillen (R) from Nebraska after his endorsement of a “winner-take-all” system for the Electoral College votes.  for the state’s Electoral College votes on Tuesday. Currently, Nebraska has a vote count but switching to the “winner-take-all” model is going to help Trump gain the electoral college votes that he needs to win the November 2024 presidential election. 

In a post on his social media platform Truth Social, Trump argued that Pillen was both popular and smart and that there were many “great things” he has done for his state, with the latest being his letter of support toward the potential switch in the state’s electoral system. 

Trump continued by arguing that switching back to this system is something that Nebraskans has wanted for a “very long time” as it is the system followed by 48 other states. He added that this was the system that the country’s Founders had intended and that it was the right thing for Nebraska. 

Trump proceeded to praise the governor for his leadership and encouraged the Nebraska Senate to take the right action. 

Pillen in his message noted that this change would place Nebraska with the other 48 states and would be in alignment with the intent of the country’s founders which wanted the states to each have one unified vote in the presidential election. He added that he is calling for the state GOP to pass this bill so that he could sign it into law. 

Nebraska and Maine are the only two states right now to vote by district.

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