Americans Don’t Know Who To Trust

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – A new poll by ABC News/Ipsos has revealed that Americans are split fairly evenly on whether or not they trust former President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden in the Oval Office more. 

The poll found that out of the responders 33 percent had stated they had more trust in Biden as the President, while 36 percent had more trust in Trump. The remaining 30 percent were neutral, arguing that they did not trust either candidate. 

These results come after the State of the Union address, where according to 29 percent of respondents, Biden had performed better than expected. President Biden’s approval ratings across several different issues continue to be for the most part unchanged. 

Around two-thirds of Americans do not agree with the way Biden has been handling the Israel-Hamas war, the U.S.-Mexico border situation, or immigration. Out of the seven total topics that respondents were surveyed on, Biden’s approval rating has only improved in one, abortion, whereas it has worsened when it came to his handling of the Israeli war. 

While Trump was in office his approval ratings had been higher than those of Biden’s on four issues, inflation and the economy, crime, immigration, and the situation on the Mexican border. However, overall his performance was close to President Biden’s performance overall. 

Regarding their approval ratings within their respective parties, both candidates perform better with Trump having the approval of Republicans which ranges from the mid-70s to 90 percent marks, while Biden’s approval rating on the same issues is between 59 percent to the mid-70s within the Democratic party. 

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