Biden Tries To Trick Latino Voters?

Photo by Janelle Hiroshige on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the Biden campaign put out a new advertisement targeting former President Donald Trump and his attacks on Latinos. This is the latest attempt to gain support from the voter base which the Republican presumptive nominee has seen support from. 

The ad spans for 30 seconds and is titled “Change.” The narration which is done exclusively by Biden repeats some of Trump’s previous claims as he has referred to immigrants as “rapists” and criminals. It further points out Trump’s recent statement that migrants were “poisoning the blood” of the United States. 

Biden in the narration argues that the upcoming election was between him and Trump, who refers to all Hispanics as rapists, criminals, and drug dealers who are poisoning the United States. Biden proceeds to question what Trump is talking about and even goes as far as to argue that the reason the United States was in such a good position right now was because of the diversity in the country. 

The ad is going to be running in both English and Spanish in a number of Swing States including Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. In Florida Trump has been leading against Biden by 6 points according to a poll from March 11-13. This makes the state less of a battleground state. 

The Biden reelection campaign’s Hispanic Media Director Maca Casado has argued that it is necessary to talk about Trump’s statements as what they are and pointed out that the statements were anti-Latino and anti-immigration.

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