Biden’s Son Ordered To Pay Back $1 Million

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former Chinese firm CEFC business associate Chi Ping “Patrick” Ho is calling for Hunter Biden to reimburse him for $1 million this week after he had failed to give legal services. 

Last week, Ho had sent a letter to the attorneys of Hunter Biden threatening that he would be suing him within the next week if he failed to return the funds. In 2017, Hunter Biden was hired to handle certain legal tasks acting as an attorney for Ho, who alleges that Biden had not done any legal work for him. A source revealed to Miranda Devine, a Post columnist, that while Hunter Biden had received the funds for the service he had never rendered the legal service required. As such as per the contract Hunter Biden was required to reimburse him. 

On Sunday the Post noted in their report that last week Ho had sent out a legal letter to Hunter Biden calling for the termination of their attorney-client agreement. The letter also pushed that there would be legal action taken unless Hunter Biden could provide an itemized list of the legal services he had provided as well as reimbursement for all of the funds that had not been used. 

The letter to Biden was sent from Hong Kong law firm Huen & Partners, to Abbe Lowell, who is Hunter Biden’s attorney. 

Ho was convicted in 2019 for having been involved in bribes in both Uganda and Chad. As a result of this involvement he was jailed for three years before being deported to Hong Kong.

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