Blue State Begins Eviction Of Illegals

Photo by Miko Guziuk on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the city of Chicago announced that they were planning to release illegal immigrants from the shelter system in this city. 

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson intends to start the evictions as his 60-day rule is going to kick in. Many progressive lawmakers have slammed the policy that was meant to go into effect in November but was delayed several times because of the weather conditions. On Friday, Johnson announced that 35 migrants would be released from the shelters, while an additional 5,600 are going to be removed over the next few weeks. 

The city is currently housing a total of 11,200 migrants, marking a decrease from the 14,900 people that were housed in Chicago in late December.

There are eviction exemptions available to some people, including those suffering from medical conditions, or who are currently pregnant, victims of domestic violence, or in the process of securing housing. One of the shelters has also had a measles outbreak that is being considered. 

Next week around 2,000 migrants will be told to leave the shelters according to reports from the Chicago Tribune. The majority of these evictions, 1,782, are going to be scheduled for April while there are 244 people who will be told to leave before the end of March. 

Those migrants who are evicted are allowed to go back to the city’s “landing zone” where they will be able to reapply for shelter. This zone provides temporary shelter to migrants who are allowed to stay on parked city buses. 

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