Democrat Bans Migrants From City?

Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams in a recent interview with Fox Nation argued that New York City was running “out of room” as a result of the surge in migrants arriving at the city. He added that the migrant crisis was not only taking over his city but also surrounding major cities in the country. 

As he remarked while their “hearts are endless” the available resources are limited. He continued by noting that they were not saying that New York was not a city of immigrants but instead what they were arguing was that it was not possible for them to take on a global problem and turn it into a problem that they exclusively handled. As he pointed out this would not be fair to either the migrants or the citizens of New York City. 

Adams is currently in a tough situation as New York City is considered a sanctuary city. At the same time, officials are currently struggling with finding more housing for the migrants who arrive each day as a result of the migrant crisis. The sanctuary city policies also block Adams from handing migrants to ICE even if they are repeat offenders. 

The 1980s “right to shelter” rule also means that he is legally required to provide everyone with housing. 

In an interview with FOX 5 New York’s Rosanna Scotto, Adams continued to point out that all of the city’s resources were at capacity. He added that this was not just something they were saying, but rather it was the reality as they had actually run out of room and would eventually be forced to have people sleeping on the streets.

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