Democrats Able To Secure Small Victory In House

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, the Democrats managed to maintain their slim majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives after voters elected Jim Prokopiak to serve in the Bucks County seat. 

This will allow the Democrats to continue having a 2 people majority in the House which they have been struggling to maintain through the four special elections. Last week, a Republican lawmaker resigned last week which allowed the Democrats to win back control of the House. The win of Prokopiak allows the Democrats to continue with their majority. 

Prokopiak managed to win the seat by defeating Candace Cabanas, the Republican challenger. He is now set to replace former state Rep. John Galloway who will move forward as a magisterial judge. 

In the statement he released after his victory, Prokopiak argued that what he had heard from Bucks County residents is that they need assistance with supporting their families, as well as the ability to make their own choices about their lives and bodies. He added that he is committed to taking these conversations to Harrisburg in order to ensure that voters would get what they want. 

The 49-year-old argued that his goals in this new position are in alignment with the Democratic party’s goals of pumping more money into K-12 education, providing abortion access, and giving a higher minimum wage to people. 

He pointed out that it was impossible for people to live on the current federal minimum wage in the area and that they needed to provide good-paying jobs that would allow people to sustain their families, something that the current minimum wage did not allow. 

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