Democrats Double Down On Gas Stove Ban

Photo by Mykola Makhlai on Unsplash

( – Democratic leaders across the nation are moving ahead and banning natural gas stoves despite the Biden admin stopping similar regulations from taking place on federal levels. Seattle, San Francisco , San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York City, have all joined the efforts to enact a ban on furnaces, ovens, and even stoves that are gas-powered.

According to Democrat leaders, a move away from natural gas would be key in combating the climate crisis and reaching the country’s net-zero and climate ambitions.

Seattle’s city council passed a unanimously approved ban on gas appliances in June 2021. As former Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan noted, this change would mean that new constructions did not use any gas appliances in order for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced.

Former NY City Mayor Bill De Blasio noted in December of 2021 that New York City was proof that it was possible to end the reliance on fossil fuels and instead focus on sustainable solutions. He added that if those in New York can stop the usage of gas, then the same will be possible in every city.

At the time De Blasio had signed into a law that would require the usage of fossil fuel to be reduced and then phased out in newly constructed buildings. The new law also speculates that all new buildings need to be fully electrical by 2027.

Similarly, Los Angeles passed a similar ban on natural gas appliances in all new constructions in December. The law is supposed to go into full effect in 2023.

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