DOJ Looking For More Classified Documents Where?

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the DOJ’s investigators conducted a search of former VP Pence’s political advocacy group office in search of classified documents. The investigation was part of the general review of how Pence handled classified documents.

During the search, investigators did not find any documents with classified markings in their search of Advancing American Freedom’s office in D.C.

Information about the search was released by Pence’s adviser Devin O’Malley, who noted in his statement that investigators seized one binder which contained “approximately three previously redacted documents.” These specific documents are supposed to be dating back to Pence’s 2020 debate preparations according to one source familiar with the matter.

O’Malley in his statement noted Pence’s consistent cooperation with the authorities in an effort to bring the matter of the classified documents handling to an “imminent conclusion.”

During Friday’s search, federal agents were given complete access to the Advancing American freedom offices to conduct a search that took “several hours.”

Last week, the FBI also searched Pence’s home in Indiana, where a small number of classified documents had been found by Pence’s team. The National archives had been informed by Pence’s lawyer, Greg Jacob, of the original discovery on Jan. 18. Pence had not known of the existence of the documents in his home. During the FBI search an additional document with classified markings was discovered.

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