How Illegals Will Affect The Upcoming Election

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – Immigration experts have expressed concerns over the survey on immigration at the southern border and how that could affect the states’ representation in the Electoral College and House of Representatives. 

After President Joe Biden took over the White House in 2021 he signed an executive order which requires the U.S. Census Bureau to consider in its calculations of the U.S. population both citizens and noncitizens. This would also affect the number of seats and electoral votes in a presidential election. This could have an even greater effect considering the surge of migrants in the southern border. 

Center for Immigration Studies executive director Mark Krikorian noted that illegal immigration would affect the “mechanics of democratic government” in many different ways. In his interview with Fox News Digital argued that illegal immigrants  were not “supposed to be” in the country and the fact that they would now be included in the apportionment was going to be “outrageous.” 

Krikorian in his statements also said that there were many close votes in Congress and this could end up making a difference. He added that this is not a question about what would give someone more influence but rather about whether or not it was healthy for the country’s democracy if processes ended up distorted. 

The Federation for American Immigration Reform has reported that according to their estimations as of June 2023, there were around 16.8 million illegal immigrants. They added that as each House seat represents an average of 761,168 residents the total number of seats that immigrants would account for is approximately 22 seats.

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