Supreme Court Raises Major Doubts About Biden’s Plans

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – Conservative Supreme Court justices seem skeptical about the legality of President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief plan, but at the same time, there are questions about the plaintiffs’ right to file a legal case against the program.

The program would enable the cancellation of up to $20,000 for all eligible borrowers. However, the program has been on hold since October as part of the order of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The legal cases brought against the program have led to many doubts regarding whether the program is going to be implemented.

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in two cases. The first one is brought by a coalition of six states, while the other is brought forth by two student loan debt holders, Myra Brown, and Alexander Taylor.

The challengers have argued that the proposal regarding the student loan debt brought forth by Biden is in violation of both the Constitution and federal law. These accusations partly stem from the fact that the program did not pass through Congress, which allegedly holds the exclusive right to create laws related to student loan forgiveness.

The Supreme Court has recently been using the “major questions doctrine,” a theory that dictates that federal agencies are not allowed to introduce sweeping new policies that have a large economic impact without any authorization from Congress. In the case of the student loan forgiveness plan, Chief Justice John Roberts points out that the program would cost half a trillion dollars and impact 43 million Americans.

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