Supreme Court Strips Power From Police

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – On Monday, the Supreme Court determined that a Texas law that would allow state law enforcement officers to arrest any migrants who were illegally entering the United States through the southern border would be paused. 

Justice Samuel Alito had signed the order and had noted that the high court in Texas was blocked from enacting the law until March 13. However, the state was also given until March 11 to file its response to the pause that the Supreme Court had implemented. 

On Monday, the Department of Justice filed an emergency request calling for the Supreme Court to intervene. In the request, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar had argued that the law would change the status quo in the country when it came to immigration and the way that things had been handled for close to 150 years. The comments were made as a response to the Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit order from this past weekend where the ruling of a federal district judge that had completely blocked this law from going into effect last week. 

As she wrote, the district court’s preliminary injunction had been very clear as it would maintain the status quo that has long been standing in the country during the litigation process. However, as she wrote the court of appeals state was going to fundamentally harm the interests of the federal government.  

The legislation was signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R)in December and provided Texas law enforcement officers with the power to arrest anyone they suspected of having illegally entered the country.

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