Texas Bus Company Sues Blue State Over Migrants?

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – Wynne Transportation, a Texas bus company, has sued the city of Chicago arguing the penalties issued by the city against the companies for dropping off migrants were violating the Constitution.

In the lawsuit, the company alleges that the city’s creation of the immigration policy went against the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution, which would grant the federal government superseding regulations on immigration. The suit comes ahead of a wider battle relating to the federal immigration policy as more and more states are attempting to regulate the surge of migrants into their cities.

In response to the surge of immigration Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has started an operation of transporting migrants with buses to Democratic-led “sanctuary cities.” Abbott first started his busing operations in April 2022 and has since then transported more than 100,000 migrants to a number of cities including Denver, New York, and Chicago.

The mayors of the cities that have been receiving immigrants have repeatedly called for federal assistance to deal with the surge of migrants in their cities. They have also referred to the operation as inhumane. The Chicago dashboard tracking arrivals in the city has reported that there have been over 34,620 asylum seekers who have reached the city from Texas by either bus or plane.

Late last year Chicago introduced harsher penalties for the buses that transport migrants without complying with the safety protocols introduced by the city. As part of the penalties, companies could face fines, impoundment, and towing in cases where the individuals are not dropped off in the designated landing zone. They are also required to fill out paperwork for new intake arrivals in the city.

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