VIDEO: Florida Man Joyrides Truck Into The Coastline!

Photo by Denys Kostyuchenko on Unsplash

( – A man from New York found his adventurous drive along the Florida coastline abruptly halted by law enforcement after he intentionally bypassed a closed barrier to venture onto the sandy shores.

The incident, captured on video, showed 49-year-old Jason Brzuszkiewicz maneuvering his Dodge Ram Pickup onto New Smyrna Beach early on a Tuesday morning, just before 9 a.m.

According to a statement from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Brzuszkiewicz skirted around a beach access gate that was shut to prevent vehicle entry due to the combination of high tide and strong winds.

Brzuszkiewicz also neglected to pay the required fee for vehicles to enter the beach area.

Footage released by the sheriff’s office showed Brzuszkiewicz navigating his white pickup through the shallow edge of the sea for more than a minute, at one point even attempting to perform a donut in the water.

After noticing the unusual sight, three lifeguards from New Smyrna Beach approached the scene, initially concerned Brzuszkiewicz might be experiencing a medical emergency as he reversed further into the sea.

Upon the arrival of deputies, Brzuszkiewicz explained his simple desire to drive along the beach. He was informed by the deputies that vehicle access to the beach was restricted due to adverse weather conditions.

In a conversation caught on camera, Brzuszkiewicz remarked on the truck’s inability to surf, to which a deputy responded by highlighting the inappropriateness of driving on the beach under closed gate conditions.

Upon questioning, Brzuszkiewicz was informed by the deputy that his actions were indeed punishable.

Brzuszkiewicz was taken into custody and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail, facing charges for not adhering to the local ordinance that includes the failure to pay the vehicle access fee, with a bond set at $200. His truck was also impounded by the authorities.


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