4 Inmates Successfully Pull Of Prison Escape

Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – On Monday four inmates in Georgia managed to escape through a damaged window in a run-down prison. The inmates have not yet been caught, and according to authorities one of the four was being held for murder.

The inmates managed to escape from the Bibb County Detention Center’s oldest section on Monday at approximately 3 a.m. They proceeded to cut a fence in order to leave the prison. Officials have stated that after their escape the four are believed to have fled together using a blue Dodge Challenger.

Sheriff David Davis revealed that the inmates were able to escape through the window of a day room in an area of the jail that is quite run-down.

The four inmates were according to the sheriff’s office: Marc K. Anderson, 24, Chavis Stokes, 29, Johnifer Barnwell, 37, and Joey Fournier, 52. The men had been detained on various charges including drug trafficking and murder.

Davis pointed out that the four men “could be anywhere” and that at this time they did not know whether” or not all four were together. He added that they did not have any evidence that suggests that the four have any associations other than with each other outside the prison.

During the time of the escape, there were fewer than 10 employees who were working at the jail which has around 800 inmates. Officials have also reported that certain areas of the prison are quite run-down.

Davis noted that the schools in the surrounding area have been informed about the escape and that all the escaped inmates should be viewed as dangerous.

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