Trump’s Fate Now In Supreme Court’s Hands?

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – The U.S. Supreme Court is going to be considering three cases from Jan. 6 defendants relating to the obstruction charges they had faced.

Joseph Fischer, Garret Miller, and Edward Lang have all filed appeals to the Supreme Court claiming that the prosecutors had exceeded their authority and that the charges of obstruction of an official proceeding were violating a 2002 law that had been passed following the Enron scandal.

The Supreme Court’s decision on these three cases could have an effect on former President Donald Trump’s criminal indictment.

Lang’s attorneys have claimed that the future of the First Amendment was on the line in this case. He added that a law that was originally meant to target financial fraud has now been turned into a political weapon used against the government’s opposition.

The Department of Justice has noted that more than 200 people have been charged with having violated the obstruction law in connection to their involvement in the Capitol attack. Former President Donald Trump is also facing these charges. If the Supreme sides with the defendants the decision could have an effect on hundreds of defendants who have been charged on similar charges.

Craig Trocino, a law professor at the University of Miami noted that what the defendants’ lawyers were doing was the same thing that other lawyers in their position would have done. However, as he pointed out this did not necessarily mean that they would win or that their claim was legally accurate. However, their argument is focused on the definition of “official proceeding,” which as he points out does not have a vague meaning ordinarily so he does not believe it will “offend due process under these circumstances.”

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